Look it in Perspective!

This is a step by step video, where it shows how 2 vanishing point perspective works, it is very important to consider the line as the beginning, its relationship with the horizon line and the 2 vanishing points in the corners. Projection, there is another key for the composition, two points of the main line are shot to the VPs, after that we have a long plane at each side of the line. We have to work with the concept of the square and its angles, there is a 45º diagonal that cuts a regular square, so it is used to calculate the depth of the plane in perspective. Using the projection lines as guides we can conform the next planes, just as show in the video we use 5 different projected squares to make our final composition in Adobe Photoshop.


DECONSTRUCT – humanoid robot

This exercise consists in showing an illustration process in reverse mode, through the tools of Adobe Photoshop. This example is intended to clarify the relationship between isometry and human figure composition; using a robot as a model,  built from a general line, a sequence of polygons is shown and later it becomes a humanoid character.

These relationships are important to give relevance to the initial processes of sketching, its geometric relationship with the human figure and a final render where the robot character is delivered.

Este ejercicio consiste en mostrar un proceso en modo inverso de creación de la ilustración, a través de Adobe Photoshop. Con este ejemplo se pretende mostrar la relación entre la isometria y la composición de figura humana; usando como modelo a un robot, se construye un modelo desde una línea general, se muestra una secuencia de polígonos y posteriormente se convierte en un personaje humanoide.

Estas relaciones son importantes para darle relevancia a los procesos iniciales de bocetación, su relación geométrica con la figura humana y un render final donde se entrega el personaje robot.