Sci-Fi Vehicles



One of the advantages of illustration is the capacity to create new objects, new worlds or new environments; in this case I’d like to talk about Sci-Fi, I remember when the first time I saw Mad Max II at the auto-cinema in the 80’s; the day after I was de-constructing my car collection, cutting pieces from one kenworth truck to put exhausts to a bmw cast model.

Cinema has been one of my inspirations, I am not too good in Star Wars but movies like Fahrenheit 451-1966 directed by Truffaut, the t.v. series created by Irwin Allen, or the Star Trek saga.


But it was also comics where I got my influences, Heavy Metal magazine and fantastic art like Frazzeta’s or Moebious’

Frank Frazzeta’s Tarzan Cover

Look it in Perspective!

This is a step by step video, where it shows how 2 vanishing point perspective works, it is very important to consider the line as the beginning, its relationship with the horizon line and the 2 vanishing points in the corners. Projection, there is another key for the composition, two points of the main line are shot to the VPs, after that we have a long plane at each side of the line. We have to work with the concept of the square and its angles, there is a 45º diagonal that cuts a regular square, so it is used to calculate the depth of the plane in perspective. Using the projection lines as guides we can conform the next planes, just as show in the video we use 5 different projected squares to make our final composition in Adobe Photoshop.